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New Promotional Video

The Never Late Show will probably be the longest-stalled media production on the face of the planet.  But that's not going to stop me from creating videos that promote it.  You see, the point of doing this is not to falsely...

Production Meetings and Desktop Wallpaper!

It appears I never gave this show a proper introduction.  In fact, the introduction to this show spans 30+ years.  So, to summarize... We had Johnny Carson on The Tonight Show and Dave Letterman on Late Night on NBC starting in the 60's and 80's respectively, and...

Playlist Live Tri State!

Hey folks.  Playlist Live is coming up in a couple months and I'm starting to get excited.  Especially since my YouTube channel tee shirt came in today!  Ordered it custom from Spreadshirt.  It has the logo on...

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