The Never Late Show will probably be the longest-stalled media production on the face of the planet.  But that’s not going to stop me from creating videos that promote it.  You see, the point of doing this is not to falsely advertise something that doesn’t exist, it’s to generate attention and interest.  By creating these videos, I hope to find others who share a vision of creating a show that is enjoyable by multiple generations of viewers.

We need help.  In order to secure a location to shoot this show, one in which we are in negotiation with, we need a list of people who may be interested in providing time and skills and\or production equipment such as cameras, cabling, a TriCaster or other mobile switcher device, and people capable of carrying out audio\visual production tasks in a live environment.

If you live in the New York Metro area with easy access to New York City and are interested in volunteering your skills and\or equipment, please contact me via E-Mail contact form on the about page (with the subject TNLS) or DM on Twitter @paullasko for further details.