Today was the day that I took receipt of a package from Hammer Nutrition.  Patience paid off as I hadn’t even checked the tracking information until today.  If you recall from this post about my first experience with Hammer Nutrition’s customer service, I was shocked and satisfied with how much they seemed to care about their customers.  They went above and beyond right from the start.


Hammer Nutrition products I expected (Whey Strawberry, Recoverite Vanilla, two Hammer Bar Vegan Recovery Bars, Digest Caps)

What I expected to see in the box

To recap very quickly, the basic reason this order was placed was because after I had tried and was satisfied with the Cashew Coconut Chocolate Chip Hammer Bar.  After a quick look through the extensive list of products on their site, I found Digest Caps, a probiotic which I hope will help me recover from gastrointestinal issues possibly related to two short-term antibiotic treatments that I had in October because of strep.  Put in the least graphic way possible, all I can say is ever since then I’ve had a sensitive stomach and certain bodily functions seemed to change dramatically.  Doctors never came up with a definitive answer.  Everything seemed “normal” to them.  So I have decided to try taking the issue into my own hands.  I wasn’t sure that I should go for the much stronger product they offered, called iFlora.

When I placed my order, I also wanted to try other products that may be useful to me, and added the New Product Sampler Pack to the mix.  From that, I was expecting only four products

  • One packet of Vanilla Recoverite
  • One packet of Strawberry Whey
  • One Chocolate Peanut Vegan Recovery Bar
  • One Almond Cacao Vegan Recovery Bar

Here’s a photo of these items that I was expecting to receive in the first place.

What’s in the Box

Like I mentioned, there were more products on the invoice, at no cost, and I was pleasantly surprised.  Here is a list of everything I received today along with a picture to show you all the things they packed into the box.  I plan on reviewing each of these products.  Soon I’ll share my revised criteria for scoring nutritional supplements in my reviews.  It will be figured out by the time I’m ready to write the reviews.

First Hammer Package full Contents (minus the magnet).  So many free things!

First Hammer Package full Contents (minus the magnet). So many free things!

  • Digest Caps (60ct)
  • New Product Sample Kit (1 Srv each item)
    • Recoverite Vanilla
    • Whey Strawberry
    • Hammer Vegan Recovery Bar Almond Cacao
    • Hammer Vegan Recovery Bar Chocolate Peanut
    • Hammer Gel Huckleberry
  • HEED Melon (1 Srv)
  • Perpetuem Strawberry-Vanilla (1 Srv)
  • Sustained Energy (1 Srv)
  • Recoverite Chocolate (1 Srv)
  • Hammer Bar Almond/Raisin (1 bar)
  • Endurolyte Samples (4 caps)
  • New Customer Packet (since it’s my first order)
    • Magnet
    • Customer Education Guide – Direct
    • Endurance News
  • Soy Vanilla (1 Srv)
  • Whey Chocolate (1 Srv)
  • Endurolytes Fizz Grape (1 Srv)

I still have to figure out how a lot of these things are used.  I haven’t read all the packaging yet but I’m sure there are recommended usages on all of them.  The total cost for the order of Digest Caps & Sampler Kit came out to $31.85 USD including shipping & handling.  The rest was thrown in for free.

The Main Event – Digest Caps

Digest Caps

Digest Caps

The main thing that is going to start getting used is the Digest Caps.  I was advised to take them twice a day, once before I eat in the morning, and another later in the day.  The ultimate goal is to try to restore all the good bacteria in my guts and make things normal again so that I can eat the foods I like without discomfort or having to immediately run to the restroom.  I don’t want to get my hopes up too fast but we’ll just have to see how this goes over the next 30 days (60 caps total in the bottle), starting tomorrow, and just hope that something good comes out of it.  A journal might come in handy so I can take down how I feel each day on this supplement.  I might put an occasional update on how they’re working and after the whole bottle is complete, you will see a review of the product and how I fared after the 30 days.

Here’s a toast to good health.  Cheers!