You're going to love this company.  I'm already impressed.

You’re going to love this company. I’m already impressed.

After I tried and reviewed the Cashew Coconut Chocolate Chip Hammer Bar, I thought it was about time to make my first order with Hammer Nutrition.  I’ve known about them since I started cycling and never really took the opportunity to get anything from them until now.  Since I had a couple bouts of strep throat last October (yeah, twice in the same month!), my digestive system started to get all wacky.  It was really bad.  To this day I still have sensitivities to certain foods like pasta and salad.  I decided to order the Digest Caps from Hammer Nutrition as well as their fuel New Product Sampler Kit.  Expect some reviews for these items in the future.

A somewhat expected thing about this order is that it shipped very fast and the items should arrive within 8 business days.  However, the first completely unexpected, and surprising, thing is that I just received a phone call from an unknown number, and on the other end was a gentleman from Hammer Nutrition asking me if I had any questions about my order.  I did tell him the short version of the somewhat embarrassing story about why I’m ordering the Digest Caps (the strep and all), and asked if that would be a suitable product.  He suggested the stronger iFlora product would probably have been a better choice, and recommended I do the 2 caps per day dosage with Digest Caps.  I can’t remember his name right now, but he was really nice and sounded very knowledgeable about the products.

The other unexpected thing is this.  When I read the receipt for the first time and saw about 20 total items on there, I nearly had a heart attack thinking there was an error.  But a lot of the prices were $0.00!  Hammer included a whole bunch of other free product samples to try out.  Free stuff is always good, and that means there are plenty of reviews to write as I try each product.  That’s pretty awesome and I’m already impressed with their customer service.  Over the top service.  I think they really care.

More companies should do this.  Another one that does is The Clymb.  They accidentally sent me a wrong product recently – the main part of my order – and when I sent in an E-Mail regarding the wrong item, they called me back to tell me they would give me the full refund on the item instead of just a store credit.

It’s great when companies care.  They make you feel welcomed to being a customer and really instills a good company-customer trust relationship, which leads to loyal customers… and hopefully podium wins.