This project is on hold due to scheduling and logistical issues.


Our First Guest...

We have confirmed who our first guest will be on The Never Late Show.

Stay tuned for more announcements!

The Never Late Show is a late-night-style Internet talk show.  Following in the footsteps of Carson, Letterman, O’Brien, and Ferguson, Paul Lasko brings a fresh perspective to late night talk shows.  There will be gut-wrenching laughs, tough questions, hilarious sketches, and amazing talent unlike anything you have seen.  Get ready for the new era of late night.  Coming some day.  Stay tuned!

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New Promotional Video

The Never Late Show will probably be the longest-stalled media production on the face of the planet.  But that's not going to stop me from creating videos that promote it.  You see, the point of doing this is not to falsely...

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Production Meetings and Desktop Wallpaper!

It appears I never gave this show a proper introduction.  In fact, the introduction to this show spans 30+ years.  So, to summarize... We had Johnny Carson on The Tonight Show and Dave Letterman on Late Night on NBC starting in the 60's and 80's respectively, and...

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Live Streaming on Firetalk Beta!

Greetings friends!  Earlier today on my Periscope I announced that due to technical difficulties with the platform on Android I will no longer be using it to live stream.  I understand this would make it hard to watch and stream on the go...

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First Sponsor Revealed!

Looks like The Never Late Show finally got its first sponsor.  This is so exciting!  Find out who it is in this exclusive clip.

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