Updated 12/2/13

First off, you’re probably wondering what cosplay means.  Here’s the definition according to Google:


1. the practice of dressing up as a character from a movie, book, or video game, esp. one from the Japanese genres of manga and anime.

It can also be used as a verb.  The word was invented in the 1990s and the act of dressing up as favorite superheros, TV show, video game, and other characters has been popularized through conventions like Comic Con, Blizzcon, WonderCon, and more.  They’re essentially nerd-magnets where all sorts of people gather to see famous people in panel discussions and buy rare and limited edition merchandise and generally have a good time.   Some people have become famous through their cosplaying because of their advanced skills and detailed works of art.


My Mk42 helmet. Not bad, but not good either.

I’ve always wanted to have a Spider Man costume, but one better than you can get at the party shops for Halloween.  I haven’t been able to realize that dream yet.  But after seeing Iron Man 3, I wanted to start building my own Mark 42 armor.  I wandered around the internet and managed to find people who actually did it, and then I learned how they did it.  I am a member of the Replica Prop Forum under the name SgtPepper64 and started a build thread.  I’ll be updating my build progress on this site too.  I plan to finish this build, no matter how rough it comes out, in time for New York Comic Con 2014.

I am building my armor out of a mixture of pepakura files from Helagak and Jackieisrockin which have been unfolded and modified for foam.  I am then coating it as best as possible in Smooth Cast 65D (not the ideal product due to short pot life but I used some already so I’m stuck with it), and then painting with Rustoleum Regal Red and Champagne Mist.  I may try a different red but I’m happy with the Champagne Mist.

Progress Summary – Iron Man Mk42

  • Helmet: Complete (Rough)
  • Neck: Built, unpainted
  • Chest: Scaled and printed, cutting templates
  • Abs: Pending
  • Back: Started, 3/4 built
  • Shoulders: Pending
  • L Arm: Pending
  • R Arm: Pending
  • Cod: Pending
  • L Leg: Pending
  • R Leg: Pending
  • L Boot: Pending
  • R Boot: Pending

Overall Build Status: ON HOLD (Holiday Season)



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