DO NOT THROW YOUR MONEY AT IRONMANFACTORY.COM.  Don’t take it from me though.  Popular cosplayer STEALTH, specializing in Iron Man-themed costumes, has sent a warning to cosplayers everywhere to not invest in this scam in the video attached.

The website claims they need 5,000 pre-orders before starting production, and it’s ridiculously expensive at that.  The video on their website contains pictures and clips of other cosplayers.

The reason this is a big deal is that reputable news sources such as Engadget and TechCrunch picked up a lead and ran with it before checking for any signs of oddity.  Their payment method is sketchy, the whole concept is sketchy, there are falsified images and exaggerated hype into this.  Also, you can see for yourself on their Project Updates page that it refers to some other website that builds phone cases and such accessories.

Please take this word of warning and avoid  And thanks to STEALTH for pointing this out and making this video.

Update 10:28PM:  Marvel Entertainment has taken action against, beginning with having their demonstration YouTube video removed by filing a copyright claim.  The video contained pictures and video clips of other cosplayers that they demonstrated as their own creations.