Quickly put together this cover recording of All I Have to Do Is Dream in tribute to Phil Everly who passed away this past Friday. This song, although popularized by The Everly Bros with their single release in 1958, was originally written by Felice and Boudleaux Bryant.*

RIP Phil Everly

*Reference: Wikipedia

Read past the break for some technical details and gear images.

Bonus Technical Notes for PaulLasko.Com Readers


PreSonus Tube Preamplifier

Instruments Used

  • Native Instruments’ The Giant (piano)
    Hofner Icon Bass

    Hofner Icon Bass

  • Epiphone Texan
    • One guitar track in the right channel was recorded in mono with a second acoustic track recorded in stereo.
  • Hofner Bass
  • Native Instruments Abbey Road 60’s Drummer

Gear Used

  • Microphones: MXL Cr24 and Cr24p
    Epiphone Texan

    Epiphone Texan

  • Preamp: PreSonus BlueTube DP
    • all guitar tracks and vocals were routed through this preamp with various tube saturation levels
  • Interface: Focurite Scarlett 2i|4
  • Bass Amplifier: Ampeg BA115 DI into Preamp

Feel free to comment if you have any comments or questions about the recording process for this song and video.  Thanks!