Brian Griffin

Brian Griffin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A couple weeks or so ago, Family Guy killed off Brian in a somewhat rapid and meaningless fashion, swiftly introducing a new dog to the family whom they warmed up to very expediently.  This angered virtually every single Family Guy fan on the face of the planet.  But it didn’t seem right.  They got along with the new dog too quick, and they left a opportunity open in continuity with a time travel-moment for Brian to be saved.

I’m pretty sure I told some people, others I may not have.  But I did make a prediction that Brian was going to be coming back to Family Guy.  The fun part is that it happened in the exact manner I expected.  I knew that Stewie had visited the future to get his toys early and I thought that was the one way he was going to be able to save Brian.  I’m really glad it happened that way.  I didn’t want to post anything about it before it happened because I didn’t want to look like an idiot if I ended up wrong.

Now I wonder if Brian will ever tell the present Stewie what happened and what he did and how can that affect the story line, if at all.  What do you think of this week’s Family Guy episode, and this whole shake-em-up plot from McFarlane and Co?