Welcome aboard to the new thing.  This post is serving as a test to make sure the basic functionality of the thing works.  Don’t ask what “the thing” is.  It may be a monster, but it’s probably the all-encompassing term I use for something I don’t care to describe too much.  It probably isn’t important.

Provided this post gets put up properly and everything shows up and auto-publicizes correctly, I will be able to sleep tonight.  Also, new general site graphic.  I’ll be making some other ones to fit the other categories.

Anybody attempting to visit any part of tri.paullasko.com will get redirected to the homepage of PaulLasko.com.  I think.  I haven’t tested it before writing this.

Please please please leave your suggestions or criticisms in the comments below (I need to know if that needs to be fixed too) or shoot me an Email from the contact form.  Much thanks for sticking around.

EDIT:  Regarding the new “I didn’t know what to use for the” Featured Image with the new logo…  After looking at it in the context of the website, it appears the gradient I chose is causing a “ballooning” optical illusion.  If this causes nausea or other bad vibes please let me know and I will change it expediently.