Saturday is the NJ State Sprint Triathlon that I’m participating in.  I think my stomach condition will be well enough to race after suffering a case of food poisoning last week.  I’ve slowly been recovering from that.  I just threw my blue 2XU Compression Tri Suit in the wash so I’ll wear that for the race and save the black suit as my backup.

I have taken a half day off of work tomorrow to run a few errands I need to do before the race including giving myself a haircut and checking the running store for a couple last-minute things.  I still also haven’t completely gone over my strategy yet regarding whether I’m going to wear socks on the bike.  I know I will need them for the run because I’m not sure they’re barefoot-friendly.  Last thing I need is hot spots and blisters!  When I ran a 5K on the day of my preview ride, even with my good cycling socks I started to get a blister on the top of my second right toe.

Late afternoon-early evening is packet pickup and pre-race meeting.  They’re doing TRI-TATS for this race!  I’m guessing they’re not the same typography as Ironman races but at least I’ll have something to show my friends for a week or so before they rub off from washing up.  And no markers to worry about, so that’s pretty cool.

Anyways, after I get all my stuff together and hand my bike over to our tri club president (since I’m hitching a ride with him in the morning) I have to go to bed super early, like 9:30pm if I can even sleep this time.  I’m really hoping I get some sleep.  Last race I got no sleep, so we’ll see how it works out this time.  I was going to go to bed earlier tonight, but had some impromptu business to take care of.  At least I went to bed earlier yesterday without a problem so that should help.  Here we go again!