This past week was a really tough one to try to rebound on training considering all the activity going on with my fire department to prepare for its big 125th Anniversary Parade held this past Saturday.  I got one training session in on each sport.  The swim I did on June 17 got cut short due to short staffing at the pool.  It was a pretty good 450yd though.  I’m still not doing as many 100yd sets as I should be though.  Despite that, I think I’ll be ok for the race next week.  I went for a good strong run that was more like an interval where I tried to do less walking by means of walking for more shorter periods and only a couple longer walking periods.  It probably doesn’t really count as training at all, but I also marched in my fire department’s 125th anniversary parade on Saturday.  It was only 1.6 or so miles and it was done in 40’20”.

Here are the Garmin Connect links:

June 17, Swim, Cut Short
June 19, Run, Post-work Run
June 23, Bike, Doc & Sok Bike Preview