At my triathlon club meeting last week, I learned about a race coming up on June 30th that’s pretty close to me.  It’s called the Doc and Sok Triathlon in Watchung, NJ.  To get things ready, I took my bike to the shop for service on Monday, and despite their 3 day estimated turnaround, I got a text message from their service system on TUESDAY!  Just have to pick it up.  Also Monday, I went to the local swim shop and picked up a nose clip that I won’t lose in case I get kicked in the face on the swim, and the obligatory stick of Body Glide.

One thing I learned from my recent open water swim at Sandy Hook, NJ is that it really is not easy to pull off a wetsuit when it’s wet.  It’s pretty easy to get it on when you and the suit are completely dry though.  I had some trouble since, on the day I went, it was hot and I was sweating after I got my legs in.  So the Body Glide should help with at least getting it off depending on how the weather is, and if it’s even needed for this race.

A unique thing about the Doc and Sok triathlon is that the race director also holds a push up and sit up competition, so I guess I better start training for that too!

There is also another race one week later, July 7, in Randolph, NJ and I’m considering registering for that one.  I’ll update with a new post later if I decide to do that.  I wasn’t expecting to find such a close race in such a short time from now so I’m definitely going to try to get my training back up to speed despite my busy schedule this week so I’m in a decent position to race on the 30th.