OK, OK.  I’m really really sorry to the triathlon training Gods.  I have not been giving enough personal sacrifice to please you.  I don’t know where my motivation went.  I think the fact that it’s getting hotter and that my racing season starts in the dead middle of the summer has been very discouraging.  My brother’s graduation was on May 18, the day of The Jerseyman triathlon which I looked so forward to several months ago.  That said, I’ve been taking more looks at my training schedule and have been working a little harder this past weekend.

Last week was the one I think I forgot to take my watch with me for a swim, so I just didn’t worry about timings or SWOLF or anything like that and just went back and forth to the best of my ability.  I swam pretty good without the distraction until a child vomited in the pool.  I can’t remember what day it was right now, but I think it was somewhere near the middle of the week, possibly Thursday.

I did go for a 4.19 mile run which was a bit slower than usual since I hadn’t run in a while.  I did a lot of walking, a modest amount of drinking, and a good amount of sweating.

This week I hope I’ll be able to change things since time is really winding down for the NJ State Triathlon.  It’ll be here sooner than I know it.

What do you do when you need to find motivation?  Help me out in the comments below.