Man, this week was inactive.  I had a lot of meetings and other stuff going on that simply got in the way of training again.  The start of summer is a busy year.  Luckily tomorrow is a bike race in town and I’ll be with my fellow emergency managers and CERT helping close the roads.  I’ll get to ride around a bit.

Tuesday was my birthday.  I turned 24 and decided to go for a decent bike ride.  I started out soon after work and had to deal with traffic, and before I got to my loop I hit a hole that I didn’t see and damaged my front tire and tube.  I since replaced both tires with nice blinged out white Vittorias.

Today I went for a 700yd swim.  I went pretty fast a couple times.  My stroke needs some work in order to be more efficient.  I’d love to have a coach help me out especially after watching videos on YouTube channel SwimSmooth.  I stopped right at 700yd because just as I was finishing that last length, I started feeling a cramp in my right second toe.  I attribute that to the slight dehydration I experienced from celebrating my birthday the night before despite trying to drink water all day.

Here are links to my Garmin Connect workouts.

Bike Ride – Tues May 21, 2013

Swim – Sat May 25, 2013