I have to admit, this is one of those products that I’d done research on and endorsed before I even owned it.  Why?  Simple logic.  There are other bungee laces out there that you just string them through from the top and the loose ends get hidden away.  Not exactly what I call secure.  And then there’s another brand that strings from the bottom to the top like you’d expect, but all they tell you to do is tie the loose ends together and that’s it.

The concept behind Lock Laces just makes sense.  You string them from the bottom to the top like normal laces, and then after you put them through the spring-loaded lock, they have a clip that contains the ends! If somehow you end up with a snag, at least the clip can prevent the lace from getting pulled through the lock.  That’s super cool.  I found them finally at a little running store in West Chester, PA where I happened to be over the weekend and bought two pairs.

A brief review

There are a bunch of different colors available on the Lock Laces website.  I’m not sure about the variety in brick-and-mortar stores, but the running shop I was in only had two variants of white (black dots and yellow dots), black with white dots, and pink.  Some major retailers such as Stride Rite, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and Modell’s carry Lock Laces, according to their website.  You can get them online for $7.99.  Multi packs are also available – you pick the colors!

The Fit:  They are a little tighter than your normal laces and since they are elastic, put a bit more pressure.  However, that pressure, once adjusted properly, is even and comfortable.  The nature of the lace setup allows you to make it so you can get them a little tighter or looser based on your preferences.  It’s kind of strange – you don’t expect such a lace to hold your shoe on well but you’ll be surprised that they do, and very well.

Convenience:  These laces are fast.  Depending on your shoes’ eyelets, you can keep the bottom tightened in the transition area and in T2, just slip your foot in, tighten the top, wiggle your foot briefly so they even out a bit and then be on your way.  They’re super easy to set up and use.  If you know how to lace a shoe, then that’s easy.  Figuring out the length of the ends comes down to following the instructions and knowing your preferences.

The Bottom LineLock Laces are a logical, convenient, easy to use lace for runners and especially triathletes.  They’re simple to set up, and even simpler to use after that.  They’re very comfortable and make your shoes fit like a glove.  The price is fair at $7.99/pair and come in a bunch of different colors so you’re sure to find a good match for your shoes.

Want your own pair?  Click here to visit their website through my affiliate link.