Hey everybody, I hope your training and racing is going well for the 2013 season.  My muscles are screaming at me.

A couple weeks ago I killed my legs with body weight squats by doing 100 of them 2 days in a row.  I got the idea from @fruitarian on Instagram who has a website called 100squatsaday.com.  He promotes 100 squats a day to lose body fat.  I think I ended up doing too much too soon though since my legs weren’t used to it yet.  I was walking funny for a couple days but the soreness was gone in 3 days.  I did strength training for my entire body (with what I thought was relatively light weight) on Tuesday.  Man, does it hurt!  It just means my muscles are switching to Beast Mode… very slowly.  (And believe it or not I managed to swim like this yesterday too.)  If you know me or read the About page you know that I was very focused on bodybuilding to improve my strength and physique.  When I was doing it consistently I never had any muscle soreness.  My plan now is to incorporate 2 days a week (probably the rest days) on strength training with not as heavy weight so I don’t get too bulky.  

Right now my legs don’t feel too bad, except for my left calf which is a bit sore from the calf raises, so I’ll probably go for my scheduled run today after my chiropractor appointment and keep it easy.  I’m working on getting myself back into the groove.  I know, I’ve been procrastinating a bit.  I’m not sure why though.  I think I need more motivation.  Or a training partner to challenge me.  I’m always trying to race the casual slow people in the swimming lane next to me…   😆