You might have noticed that I have been strangely silent about my triathlon training recently.  I think I may have mentioned in my last Training Log post that I’ve suffered a minor back injury at the hands of a misguided individual.  As a result I’ve had some lower back pain for I’m guessing a bit over two weeks now.  It doesn’t feel as bad as it was initially, and even then I tried doing some swims and bike rides with it and the swims were definitely the hardest especially when trying to concentrate on keeping the body level with the water.  It was a pretty big distraction in breathing too.  That said, I have an appointment set for Saturday morning so hopefully it can be at least looked at, and at the best, cracked back into place.  We shall see.  Two weeks off is a lot and I haven’t been itching too bad to get back into training but I do look forward to getting back into everything else that it’s prevented me from doing like fire company drills and calls since I don’t trust myself wearing 20lbs of gear right now with a possibly compressed lower back.  I’ll update this weekend on my condition and if the chiropractor is able to fix me up.