This week was pretty swim heavy in my training program.  I’m glad this has me working out only 4-5 times a week instead of every day.  The rest days are nice and I’m pretty certain they’re necessary to prevent overtraining.  Although I seem able to finish my swims without cramping now, I’m not sure how that’ll work out in a race with cycling coming up right after.  Once in a while when I go to sit down and I’m trying to get my shoes on, if I accidentally point my feet too much to get the shoes on, the calf will tighten up a bit.  I’ll just have to keep that in my mind so that I don’t kill my calves. I also tried to get my swims done in the morning during the weekdays so that I was not tired after work and struggling to finish. It seemed to work out pretty well, although I hate getting up early in the morning! It looks like this coming week will be a bit different with more bike days thrown in. (Also thought it was worth mentioning that for some reason, each training week begins on Mondays – I can’t figure out the reason for that…)

Here are my workout summaries for this week from Garmin Connect.