Once in a while, we all experience some kind of training slump, whether it’s a bad day or a bad week.  Sometimes caused by bad life events, depression, fear of reinjury, or just a loss of motivation – just “not feeling like it” when you ask yourself, “Should I work out today?”  Honestly, that should never be a question if you ask me but it does come up.  I’ve been going through a slump for a good portion of the month and I’m not exactly sure why.  One thing could be attempting to get over my GI sensitivity issue, another is not having a structured workout plan (even though I have access to them, I’m really not a morning person!), and yet another is simply getting frustrated with poor swimming performance (or people running into me when sharing a lane which seriously affects my mood which kills my workout) and not having anybody to help me out with it.

What do you do to overcome slumps?  How do you relight that fire that gets your training going strong again?  Drop a comment below and share your experience.