I recommend the Garmin Forerunner 910XT. It’s a great training partner. Although not perfect, it gets the job done and helps you keep a training log without having to write!  Click the image to buy on Amazon and help support my site.

Man, last week was absolutely terrible.  I don’t know what got into me.  Lots of cookies, chocolate, and not a lot of training.  Maybe a couple runs here and there, but no structured training.  Took a couple rest days near the end of the week and set a new short term goal for myself.  Triathlete magazine’s April 2013 issue has an 8 week Sprint Triathlon Training Program that I’ve decided to do since I’ve kind of built up a little bit of base already the past couple months.  Hopefully this shortened training program will help me out for the NJ State Triathlon this July.  I had the Jerseyman Triathlon in my sights but another commitment is preempting it sadly, so my racing season is going to start a bit later than everyone else’s, unless I can find another race in May and kind of work it into my training program somehow.

That said, I just went for a super awesome 500yd swim today, but details on that will come up in my next Weekly Training Log post.

Treadmill Run on 3-17

Accidentally pulled the magnetized emergency stop near the end there. Oops! Also, wore a pair of socks not designed for working out. Blister on the inside of my right foot, just behind the forefoot. Damn! Next time I’m wearing proper socks. Lower legs really felt the workout today. Again also, wish it was warm. The foot pod is a little fast on distance. Maybe I should recalibrate it.

Chilly [Outdoor] Run on 3-19

Lower legs really need strengthening. All those points where I slow down (except for that spike to no movement – had to set speed to GPS) I had to walk. I’m sure if I was able to breathe some warmer air and not hurt so much in my legs I’d be a bit faster.


Post-Work Swim on 3-21

It’s a shame I didn’t have my Forerunner 910XT with me.  I forgot to grab it on the way out the door.  I manually logged my activity anyway just to have a record of what I did.