Hello.  My name is Paul and I am a content creator.

I am a musician, video producervoice talent, and graphic artist and can use these talents to help you.

If you scroll down you will find links to my music and YouTube channel. You can learn more about me and my interests on the About page. A contact form is located there if you are interested in commissioning me for any work.

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I play guitar, bass, keys, and write and record my own music as well as some covers.

Click here to visit the music homepage, or click here to visit my original music store.  All original music will be available there.

Music Videos will be put on my YouTube channel including covers and parodies.


I make comedy, music, and vlog videos on YouTube.  Click the logo to visit the channel.

Every Thursday is my current events-humor series called What’s News, and new music videos at the end of the month.  A weekly live show is still in the works.

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You can learn more about my interests on the About page.